Get 4 No More

Here at "4 Thats All" we have a system in place where you only need to show this incredible opportunity to 4 (four), like-minded people, to earn big!

Our product results sell itself:

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What if:

You build a strong team with only 4 like-minded people where you all leverage a 4-step system whereby you all get involved in integral parts that build off each other and help you succeed in marketing, earning, investing from income and saving profits all at the same time and you and they benefit from each step.

The steps are further independent from each other and you can choose to partake in some or all of them. We would recommend you register at the investment and savings options in order to benefit from your prospects joining, it is totally at no cost!

4 income streams

Here is the breakdown or roadmap:

1. All In One Profits (AIOP) – our system

We use All In One Profits (AIOP) as our marketing system that we also earn from. It has all the tools you need to succeed in marketing your business online and offline. It is further at the lowest price point available for all these powerful and necessary tools and you break even with your 1st prospect you enrol. We also suggest paying it forward for your 4 so that they do the same and can concentrate on financing the main business to start off.

2. Norland SA

We concentrate on 3 ground-breaking, innovative and market leading products sell itself:

*  iSlym Nutrition Wafers – lose unhealthy fat and keep it off! 
* MEBO GI Capsules – stem cell regeneration to regenerate and replace damaged, tumorous and cancerous 
* Norland High Purity Combination Peptides – A source of vitality and a foundation of longevity!

3. Organo

This is a very exiting and easy business, as coffee and other hot beverages are the 2nd most consumed in the world above water.  Everyone is familiar with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc, but what if it also contained Ganoderma Lucidum with several vital health benefits.  There are years of research into this wonder reishi mushroom powder mushroom that will not only assist your health, it will keep you keep you healthy and extend your life.  Not only will you increase your health, nut also your wealth.      

4. SkyWay Invest Group (SWIG) – Investment & business education

We provide this through SkyWay Invest Group (SWIG) where you register for free and you can purchase education packages from as little as $10 per month over 10 months, in SkyWay’s innovative High Speed String Rail technology.  This is Multi Level Crowd Investing whereby you purchase the Education Information Packs (EIP’s) and get immediate commission on sales and as a Bonus you also get Pre-IPO Private Equity Shares (PIPES) in the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of main SkyWay business when they list on the London Stock Exchange in 2 – 3 years.  This is a phenomenal income! 

5. Karatbars – Save

We all register a free business with Karatbars where we save our earnings in small quantities of gold bullion that can be used to purchase – gold is inflation and deflation proof and has and always will stand the test of time.