We have outlined the income potential pertaining to the system we use namely All In One Profits (AIOP) under the “System” heading.  More than $10 000 (about R130 000) after 10 cycles of “4 get 4”, which can be in 10 weeks or months depending on your effort   This is on a total of 1 024 people in your business.  This on its own is a phenomenal income.  You get paid on a Master Card Debit Card that is issued by Payoneer – you can swipe or draw at any ATM worldwide.   This income will grow automatically, as we use this system to promote our main business, Norland SA.  This website and the Splash pages that brought you here and the autoresponder messages you will or have already received is all part of this system!

Income from our Main Business – Norland SA

Norland SA uses a fixed rate of R14 per USD.  The products are in USD and will be slightly higher than if they used the current exchange rate, however, the income paid is higher as the PV (Point Value) is based on $1 = 1 PV and the income is paid in Rands in our local bank accounts at R14 per USD earned.  Norland SA deducts 5% from all income due and this is paid over to SARS as income tax on your behalf.

As described under the “Products” page, there are different Distributor levels that you can start at and this is a once-off requirement and this mainly limits (caps) your Group Bonus  income and the percentage paid as well as the amounts paid on the Fast Start Bonuses (you can upgrade to a higher level later on – if you started at Senior Distributor to maxumin Gold level, but if you started at Bronze or higher, you can upgrade up to Diamond Distributor).

The different levels you can qualify at (once-off qualification) that is determined by the PV (Point Value) of your initial purchase :

  • Senior Distributor (128 PV – about R3 000) – products are in USD and they use R14 as the equivalent of $1 and there are different PV values linked to each product) – income cap of R500 000 per year on binary income – about R9 600 per week.
  • Bronze Distributor (256 PV – about R6 000) – income cap from binary is R1 million per year – about R19 000 per week.
  • Silver Distributor (560 PV – about R12 000) – R2 million per year cap.
  • Gold Distributor (1 120 PV – about R24 000) – R4 million per year cap.
  • Diamond Distributor (2 240 PV – about R48 000) – R8 million per year cap.

The 3 main income streams are:
Product Voucher & Fast Start Bonus
The Product Voucher and Fast Start Bonus is in equal values, but the Fast Start Bonus is in Cash and only applicable to the 1st 4 personal Distributors you enrol, whereas the Product Vouchers are for each Distributor you personally enrol.

The Fast Start Bonus is paid on your 1st 4 personal Distributor enrolments and there is no time limit for this.  It is in place to assist the Distributor to get his/her initial product purchase back as soon as possible and is paid in cash and Vouchers.  The Vouchers can only be used to purchase certain products from Norland SA.  The Fast Start Bonus is paid on each pair (one placed on your left team and the other on your right team) of the 1st 4 Distributors you personally enrol.  You will, therefore, be paid for your 1st 2 Distributors you personally enrol, one left and one right (irrespective of the order) and then for your 2nd pair.    The Fast Start Bonuses (limited to 1st 4) and Product Vouchers are paid as follows as are based on the lowest Distributor level of the pair (only on registration and upgrade orders):

If both are Senior Distributors or the lowest is a Senior Distributor: $50 cash and a $50 Voucher
If both are Bronze Distributors or the lowest is a Bronze Distributor: $100 cash and a $100 Voucher
If both are Silver Distributors or the lowest is a Silver Distributor: $200 cash and a $200 Voucher
If both are Gold Distributors or the lowest is a Gold Distributor: $400 cash and a $400 Voucher
If both are Diamond Distributors: $800 cash and an $800 Voucher

Group Bonus
The Group Bonus is a percentage of the PV (Product Volume) of the weakest leg for the week in question, being the weekly pay period running from Wednesday to Wednesday (calculations close Tuesday 16h00 our time).  The PV that was not used is carried over to the next week.  This gives you a USD amount that Norland multiplies by 14 to pay the Rands amount (less the 5% Income Tax) into your bank account.  The money is at first kept in a wallet and paid over when requested.

The percentages are limited to the above weekly income caps and are:
Senior Distributor: 10%
Bronze Distributor: 10.5%
Silver Distributor: 11%
Gold Distributor: 12%
Diamond Distributor 13%

The above is only 3 out of a total of 10 income streams (the Product Voucher for each personal Distributor you enrol, the Fast Start Bonus for your 1st 4 Distributors you personally enrol and the Group Bonus.

Here is an example of the income you can expect on our “4 Thats All” recommendation if you and all those you introduce start at Senior Distributor (about 168 PV per distributor):

1st Cycle  – your fist 4 personal Distributors introduced (can be month 1)

On your 1st 2 personal Senior Distributors enrolled – $100 Fast Start & $100 Product Voucher = $200
On your 2nd 2 – the same, therefore after 4 personal Bronze Distributors, you enrol, you have $400

If you multiply that by R14 = you get R5 600 after only introducing 4 Distributors personally!      R2 800 is in cash and although you got the product at cost for your Senior Distributor purchase of   R3 120, you almost have this back.   You can use the Voucher for purchasing certain products that you can use or sell.

2nd Cycle – the 4 you introduced, introduce 4 each – can be in the 2nd month

So if you help the 4 you introduced to get 4 each, you get a Group Bonus on the 16 new Distributors, say 8 in each of your left and right legs/teams respectively (8 x 168 PV = 1 344 PV and 10% of this = $134.40) and paid at $134.4 x R14 = R1 881.60).

3rd Cycle – the 16 introduced, introduce their 4 each – can be in the 3rd month

If those 16 get their 4 each (remember they are motivated by the Fast Start Bonus to get their money back), you have 64 new Senior Distributors, say 32 in each leg, therefore 32 x 168 PV = 5 376 PV x 10% = $537.60 or R7 526.40.

4th Cycle – the 64 introduced, introduce their 4 each – can be in the 4th month

If those 64 get 4 each = 256 new Senior Distributors, say 128 in each leg, therefore 128 x 168 PV =    21 504 PV x 10% = $2 150.40 or R30 105.60 (keep in mind the limit for a Senior Distributor of R9 600 per week or about R38 400 for this income stream).

5th Cycle – the 256 introduced, introduce their 4 each – can be in the 5th month

If those 256 get 4 each = 1 024 new Senior Distributors, say  512 in each leg, therefore 512 x 168 PV = 95 232 PV x 10% = $9 523.20 or R133 324.80 (keep in mind the limit for a Senior Distributor of     R9 600 per week or about R38 400 for this income stream).

This is only after the 5th cycle of “4 get 4” which can be 5 weeks or 5 months etc.  You will also qualify for the car bonus.

The above income also excludes the income on Sales Volume in addition to the Group Volume from Distributors enrolled – they pay once-off to be a Distributor and they can now purchase at cost and sell – they will make a profit on the sale, but the additional PV generated is also calculated for a Sales Volume Bonus, but this is only earned from Silver Distributor and above.  Remember those you introduce will most likely also purchase for their own use.   As you can see the income opportunity is huge!

Other incomes such as Car Bonus

Then there are 4 fully paid trips each year for which Distributors can qualify also based on Group PV as well as the Car Bonus – new Car Bonus qualification started in July 2018 and we need 3 personal Distributors in July 2018 and 3 in August 2018 to be in line to qualify for the bigger car or 2 Distributors in July 2018 and another 2 in August 2018 to qualify for the lower value car bonus and you can then collect the Group PV points until December 2018 when the Cars are awarded to those who qualify:

You need to get your Distributors in so that those you introduce can also get their 3 each at least before end August 2018 to be in for the Car Bonus calculations for this year!  There will be a new qualification for next year.