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This is a very exciting and established business operating in 35 countries and that recently launched in South Africa.  We now have our own office and distribution warehouse in Longdale, Kempton Park and our products are sold in the currency of the country they are operating in.  They have a VISA debit card that you can order to facilitate the payments and this is a fully fledged business that you will have in the coffee segment, once you decide to join.

The biggest advantage of this business is that coffee, tea, cocoa and hot chocolate is known by everyone and is the second most consumed beverage above water.   It is so easy and no hard selling is required, as consumers get the taste and enjoyment of coffee or the other hot beverage they already enjoy with added health benefits!

Spend 18 minutes to watch this video to change your health & wealth by Dr Bob Rakowski of Houston, Texas, USA:

The main health benefits are (click on the image to read more on the health benefits):

Ganoderma: Medicinal properties

General – Antioxidant – Anti-aging

  • Ganoderma is called the elixir of long life
  • It is one of the best antioxidants (one of the most important)
  • Ganoderma is a powerful anti-ageing (as traditional use)
  • It can increase the IQ and train the memory
  • Increase vitality and combat decay
  • It is used for asthenia (Associate with Royal Jelly and Spirulina)
  • Benefits the adrenal glands (Strengthens and stimulates)
  • Prevents cancer (Associate with Curcuma)
  • Increases muscle strength and anaerobic and anabolic resistance

Protector – Prevent diseases – Cancer prevention

  • Help protect from any disease
  • Cancer: Prevents tumours (still studied scientifically)
  • Stimulates the immune system and makes it more resistant
  • It can eliminate waste from the human body
  • Eliminate contaminating toxins from the body (Associate with Chlorella and Spirulina)
  • It is suitable and beneficial for people with; asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia
  • In conditions such as; laryngitis, pharyngitis or neck or throat pain is used with good results
  • thanks to its medicinal properties.
  • Protects the respiratory system from any pollutant; gases, smoke inhalation.
  • It can be used as a natural antibiotic (for viral diseases)
  • Prevents the cold, the cold and the flu (Associate with Echinacea or Propolis)
  • It is suitable for feverish conditions
  • It is often used by people with allergies because Ganoderma can fight against
  • It can help prevent diseases like; leukaemia and lymphoma
  • By strengthening the immune system, it is believed that it reinforces the system during HIV infection (unconfirmed)
  • It is a potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory
  • For people with fibromyalgia (Associate with Rhodiola, Griffonia simplicifolia)

States of nervousness – Insomnia

  • Ganoderma is used to combat anxiety, stress, and nervousness
  • Helps people with mild depression and insomnia
  • Ganoderma is a regulator and therefore improves the quality of sleep
  • In many centres it is used for drug addicts who want to withdraw from their lives; alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, heroin … (often associated with Rhodiola, Ginseng)
  • It is used to combat fear (fear of moving forward)
  • Increase and improve concentration
  • Stimulates the part of the brain responsible for storing memories and therefore increases memory
  • Reishi is a powerful protector of the cardiovascular system (Associate with Omega 3)
  • It is suitable for people with heart problems (under medical review)
  • Combats headaches, migraines and headaches
  • It is indicated for hypertension

Digestive – Organs – Liver

  • Ganoderma is still used in those cases in which the liver (and any liver area) must be protected
  • In case of hepatitis or jaundice
  • In people with problems with alcohol (cirrhosis, inflammation of the liver)
  • It is also a powerful protector against intestinal infections, protects and facilitates digestion
  • Reishi is indicated to reduce bad cholesterol and increase good
  • Used by people with gallstones

Products available in South Africa

Our main products are (click on the image to view full details of the products on our company website:

Getting started

Get back to the person who introduced you to this incredible opportunity.

You can get involved in two ways:

  • A Preferred Customer – for those who want to order on a regular basis:  you just register as a Customer with the person who introduced you and then you can purchase the product at preferential pricing – the person who introduced you will benefit from the sales volume.  You can set all your preferences and even set up your delivery address and monthly order or auto-ship to ensure you always have the product you enjoy so much.

A Representative – for those who want to do Organo as a serious business:  you need to register as a representative at no cost and then you need to purchase a Starter Kit that has some products and brochures and also provides you access to your company replicated website for a full year.

  • The current cost is 50% of what other countries pay, as it is subsidised by Organo.  You currently pay only R318.50 including VAT, but excluding an R50 charge if you collect at the warehouse or R100 for delivery.
  • Then you need to choose a Promotional Sales Pack (PSP) – we get paid our Fast Track Bonus and Duel Team from this and 1st Orders.  This also determines your income start level.  There are 3 starting levels, namely Bronze, Silver and Gold. See this short video pertaining to your start level and income.

Our Compensation Plan in short (3-minute overview):

Full presentation: