Norland SA offers several incredible products that you can purchase once involved (you will get a $50 voucher for all personal introductions once-off as a thank you from Norland that you can use for this), however, we will concentrate on the 3 main ones.

You can purchase any of the items directly from one of the Norland SA Representatives and we will even sell it to you at our cost price (we get credit for sales volume), however, to generate the income we are referring to, we want to introduce 4 (four) Distributors – you can introduce as many as you want to, however, we advise that you introduce 4 and then help those you introduce to get their 4.  The compensation system Norland uses is a Binary, which means that you can only have 2 teams and the 3rd and 4th (and all others) you personally introduce can only be in one of these 2 teams and will fall in under others (we call this spill-over) and all benefit from the sales volume (PV) generated under them. I will explain more on this under income.

The main principle I want to introduce here is that there are a few distributor levels you can join at and this determines your income.  To join us a Distributor under us, you are going to purchase products to qualify for that level at cost price.  You can use these products or sell them.  Once qualified, you remain qualified with no further purchase or sales requirements or monthly quotas etc.  You can upgrade to another higher level within 60 days and only on special annual opportunities thereafter.  Join at the level most comfortable for you, considering the income limitations:

  • Senior Distributor (128 PV) (about R3 000 – products are in USD and they use R14 as the equivalent of $1 and there are different PV values linked to each product)
  • Bronze Distributor (256 PV -about R6 000)
  • Silver Distributor (560 PV – about R12 000)
  • Gold Distributor (1 120 PV – about R24 000)
  • Diamond Distributor (2 240 PV – about R48 000)


GI Capsules (MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule)

Main benefits:

Although this was developed for gastrointestinal benefits, it was found that these capsules stimulate and enhance stem cell regeneration.  Enhanced stem cell regeneration (all stem cells in the body regenerates completely after 7 years), causes dead, damaged, tumour and/or cancer stem cells to be replaced more rapidly and therefore ensures optimal health, well-being and reversal of cancer, tumours and faster healing of nerve damage, stroke-related damage.

There are 40 capsules in each bottle and the recommended dosage for acute use is 3 – 5 capsules twice daily for adults or 1 – 2 capsules for children.

You can download the PowerPoint presentation (30.16 MB mobile friendly) here: application show.pptx

1 bottle has a PV of 28 and costs R520 each:
Bronze Director, therefore, need 6 bottles at R3 120 and you can double for each higher level.  6 bottles are about 1 month supply for the severely ill and say 2 months for maintenance / regular use.

Some results:


Lung damage left after and right before

iSlym Wafer Bars (Fat loss diet)

iSlym is a new and exciting addition that was only introduced from 1 July 2018.

Safety is paramount. All natural. ????????????

Multi-billion dollar company. Listed on stock-exchange in New York.

Spent many millions in research and development plus over 350 million Rand on the FDA inspected production facility.

The healthiest meal with over 360 fruits, vegetables, seeds and peptides in a 30g bar. ????????????

Eat a great tasting health bar and lose between 1 – 3 kilogrammes a week. No dieting.  Tightens skin too!!  All natural vitamins & minerals. All organic and no GMO!!   Unreal health benefits too – lots of peptides.

You simply replace 1 to a maximum of 2 meals a day with 1 bar and drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins and fat.  You lose unhealthy fat that remains off at a rate of about 1 – 3 kg a week if you replace 1 meal a day up to about 4 – 7kg a week if you replace 2 meals daily.

Distributor price is R360 per box of 6 health bars (complete meal replacement for less than the price of a burger).

Download the PowerPoint Presentation here (15.14 MB & mobile friendly): 

1 box has a PV of 15 and costs R350 each:
Bronze Director, therefore, need 9 bottles at R3 150 and you can double for each higher level.

Some results:
Lost 7 kg in 1 week by replacing 2 meals with an iSlym bar daily



Norland High Purity Combination (FDA approved)

Download the full PDF Brochure here:

Download the PowerPoint Presentation here (29.17 MB – mobile friendly):

1 box has a PV of 25 and costs R630 each:
Bronze Director, therefore, need 5 Boxes at R3 150 and you can double for each higher level.

Some results: