Here at “4 Thats All” we follow an easily duplicated system.

We believe that everyone we introduce should have the same opportunity to succeed and as this is is a Team effort we all benefit from each other in any event.  Your Success IS Our Success!

Although this is a “Face to Face” opportunity, where others see your results and would also like to be as wealthy and healthy as you, you sometimes need to also canvas for new prospects.

We, therefore, follow an “online” and “offline” approach:


We have a system through All In One Profits (AIOP) where we (and you) have access to:

  • Splash pages we have already set up where you can capture new leads by sending your Splash page link by email, WhatsApp or Text message
  • Link trackers that will show you who clicked on your link and where they came from
  • An unlimited Autoresponder already set up with all your details to send out automated emails to your prospects
  • You can use this website as your Team Information Website and use the included website hosting package (that was used to build this same website) to host your very own business or personal website with unlimited email accounts that you can set up any way you like
  • Earn a very good income from the system as well.  Although the system costs a very low $11.50 per month, you get $10 for your 1st introduction, for your 3rd and all your uneven numbers you get $10 per month and your 2nd and all your even numbers and income go to the person who introduced you.   But, ALL the even numbers of those you introduce come to you!  With our “4 Thats All” system you can be earning $10 000 (about R130 000 per month in 10 months or 10 weeks!  Your sponsor to this system will even pay it Forward by giving you a Voucher for your 1st month, so your 1st month is on the person who introduces you and you pay for the 1st month of those you introduce.
  • To see more on this incredible system, see (please join under your sponsor who introduces you – remember he/she is ready to Pay It Forward for 4 people, just as it was done for them so that you have no pressure during your 1st month.  You will then only pay $11.5 monthly if you have not introduced anybody after your 1st full 30 days)

See the incredible income here:


We will send you all the information you need to easily promote this incredible opportunity via WhatsApp and will assist to with your first few presentations.  The company we promote have booklets, pamphlets and we have Powerpoint presentations on all the products you can show to your prospects.  The company also have training events and presentations at their offices in Sandton.

In short, we will help you succeed!